After 20 plus years of planting gardens and building waterscapes, we merged the two
for a truly beautiful and self-satisfying system. We build everything inbetween, too.

The Aquascapes

The idea of a watergarden becomes much more than one can imagine when fully realized. The sound of the water rushing over the rocks, visually captivating waterfalls. The aura of peacefulness, providing a place of repose and contemplation. My goal as a builder of watergardens has been to not only make my clients happy but create an object of lasting beauty. The on going process of creating an ecosystem never ends, it just matures, like a bottle of fine wine. I am always available for consultation to design and/or build any sort of waterfeature or fountain.

The Gardens

Having homesteaded the same 10 acres for nearly 30 years now, we’ve had some gardens, some orchards, some livestock, some more gardens and a nursery . There is such a logical progression to nature. Things are born, grow up, mature, spread their seeds to bring forth new life, and then die. It may take a few months or it may take decades. Even though the progression never waivers, there is an endless fascination of the subtleties and beauties of each and every living thing. To grow things is to be an integral part of the process and is necessary, for only then can we aquire a true sense of life and what it means to live on and with the Earth. We can take you through the design phase to completion of any outdoor project, residential or commercial, landscaping and hardscape, including construction of building gazebos, patios, in concrete or pavers, buildings, tiny houses, studios and sheds, greenhouses and much more. We also have an organic rose nursery,, featuring over 1500 different varieties of old garden and modern roses and ship worldwide.

The obvious Combination

To combine two disparate elements, in this case the water and the earth symbiotically to the mutual benefit of both. The fish byproduct (waste) is fed to the plants as the near perfect fertilizer. The plants return the favor by returning the water, clean and clear, back to the fish. This can be done on a very small scale up to quite a large scale. The benefit in any size being the production of fish (protein) and wholesome fresh vegetables from a system requiring a fraction of the water and space of conventional farming methods. We can custom make aquaponic systems to suit any situation.